Sophie – Advanced Therapist

Sophie joined our Oracle team in 2011 when we first introduced beauty treatments into our business. We have seen Sophie progress and grow into a fantastic Advanced Therapist and Supervisor. With over thirteen years experience, Sophie has developed an extensive product knowledge and possesses a wide range of skills that she is able to offer our clients.

Sophie is currently on maternity leave after welcoming her son Jack. We will miss Sophie as she is a huge presence in the team and we look forward to welcoming her back at some point next winter.

Personal statement:

“I’ve worked at Oracle for 10 years now and I’ve really proved myself. My main achievement has been working my way up to become a supervisor. I was one of the first therapists in Chippenham to qualify in Dermaplaning that we offer within our treatment portfolio. The results you get from this treatment are amazing! I really love working in the beauty industry because there are so many different sides to it, depending on what you like doing. It’s always changing and growing, so there is always something new to learn”.